Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4/30 run

7.2 miles: 1:19:23: 10:59

I felt a lot better after this run than I did on Sunday. It was a bit of a slog and then I hit mile four and got an energy boost. Had planned only six miles but decided to tack in the extra mile.

It was quite the month of running, two races, happy with results in both. But the second biggest challenge is upcoming on May 18 with the Tough Mudder. After this week that means scaling back the miles a bit and then giving me some time to recover.

April totals:

75.36 miles: 13:48:01: 10:59 pace: 13,314 calories burned

In the Fitocracy monthly running challenge I should finish in the top third as well, as of this morning I was 30 out of 102 participants but that could change as people log more miles today but the most I'll drop is one or two spots. There are some crazy people in that challenge, running 200 miles in a month.

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