Monday, April 22, 2013

Lakefront 10-miler recap

Snow on the ground before the race.

10.1 miles: 1:48:52: 10:52 pace

Friday afternoon it started snowing and it was still snowing when I went to bed. All week the weather forecast for Saturday was upper 30s/lower 40s and sunny, great conditions for running. When I woke up on Saturday and saw that it was 30 and there was snow on the ground I was annoyed. I ended up gearing up, light tights, two shirts, a mid-layer and hat. 

The race started at Montrose Harbor and there was still snow on the ground the pavement was slick in spots. I slipped a little while walking to the start of the race and officials were warning everyone to be careful on the course because of ice. I met my friend Roger and we chatted about the awful Spring we're having in Chicago and then the race started. 

I have to hand it to the Chicago Area Runner's Association (CARA). They know how to put on a race. Five aid stations on the 10-mile course, clearly marked, plenty of volunteers. I feel that this was one of the better run races I've every run. 

The bling for finishing.
And I am very happy with the results, a sub-11 minute mile, less than 1:50 and most of all, I pretty wasn't any more sore than I would be after a typical long run. In fact I'm probably going to be sorer after my boot camp session this morning where Shara kicked our asses. 

This race made me believe that I can run the marathon. I just felt good afterwards and am looking forward to my next long run. Tuesday -- if the weather permits, more rain predicted -- will be six to seven miles and Thursday four miles. Saturday will be 11 to 12 miles. 

Two more weeks of long runs on Saturday and then I'm going to back off in anticipation of the Tough Mudder.

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