Sunday, April 14, 2013

4/13 run

8.1 miles: 1:27:25: 10:47

Saturday's run was interesting, started out sunny but cool, about half way into it started snowing and it was sunny again when I finished. It took me forever to het out of the house because I wasn't sure how to gear up, weather bug said 34 but felt like 26. My real cold weather gear would have been too much. I went with a tech shirt, mid-layer, hat, light tights and shorts. I had to take the hat of when the wind was at my back because I was too warm but it was chilly going into the 15-20 mph winds coming out of the west.

I've accepted that we're not going to have a Spring in Chicago this year and in the next couple of weeks it's just going to be in the 80s.

Besides the weather it was a really good run for me, couldn't ask for anything better coming up to the 10-miler. Considering I did five miles at 10:32 last weekend and yesterday was three miles more and  a 15-second increase in my pace make me feel pretty good. I would be ecstatic to keep the 10:47 pace for the entire 10-miles and think that's doable. I also set a personal best for a 10K time 1:06:52, which I believe is a few second better than my previous.

I had some foot pain yesterday at the end of the run, again in the balls of my feet. It didn't linger at all and today I'm fine. I may bite the bullet and get a pedicure after the race and have the calluses take off to see if this helps at all.

This is my first time doing this Lakefront 10-miler and I guess the course has changes slightly from what it was previously. I guess it starts and ends going up Cricket Hill. For those not familiar with Chicago hills of any type are a rarity and I know one buddy running the race who isn't thrilled with this.

Seven day-forecast says upper 40s for next Saturday with 10-15 mph winds. Can't complain about that, the race course is north/south along Lake Shore Drive so it shouldn't be too bad.

Boot camp on Monday and Wednesday, with six miles on Tuesday and around four on Thursday. Friday will be a rest day.

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