Thursday, April 4, 2013

4/4 run

3.7 miles: 39:49: 10:42 pace

I am long overdue in starting my speed work and this is my version. I do a warm up mile and then sprint for two blocks, walk for one block. I can configure my watch to do a two minute sprint/one minute walk too but this works for now. 

I was dragging out there a bit this morning, thought this would ne a nice easy run but it was tougher than I thought. Though I need to make sure to keep this in my plan, though I may move it to Tuesday. Speed work on Tuesday, longer run Thursday -- 5 to 8 miles -- and then long run on Saturday. Boot camp on Monday, Wednesday Friday. 

Wore the Adidas this morning and had no pain. My feet are a slight bit sore but it's nothing in the greater scheme of things. I'm sad to say that I'm retiring the Brooks for boot camp for now and bringing the New Balance into the rotation. I would like to not buy anymore shoes until July or August. 

Random thoughts: 
  • Six weeks till the Tough Mudder, hoping to drop another five pounds by then. My biggest concern about this right now is the weather and gear, it could be 50 and raining or 80; May is unpredictable. I'll be wet but just not sure how to dress/layer for the possibility of colder weather. 
  • When I do the marathon would love to be 15 pounds from where I'm at now, but that might be wishful thinking. 
  • Planning a 13.1-mile training run in four weeks for fun -- did I really just write that -- and then laying off the high mileage in anticipation of the mudder
  • Probably doing at 10K in Humboldt Park on June 1 with some friends. That will most likely be the last race I sign up for before the marathon, though I am still debating the 20-mile CARA training run a month before the marathon. 
  • First race expo Saturday when Rory and I pick up our packets for the Shamrock Shuffle. 

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