Friday, April 19, 2013

Catching up

What a week.

Watching all the news on the Boston suspects and as I'm writing this one is dead and the other is being hunted.

I did run on Tuesday -- 6.24 miles, 1:7:09, 10:45 pace. Was pretty happy with the results but didn't feel like talking about it after Monday. Went to boot camp on Wednesday and planned to do three or four miles of speed work on Thursday but instead woke up to an inch of water in my basement.

The Chicago area was slammed by a huge storm late Wednesday into Thursday, we probably got about six inches of rain. The storm drain outside my basement door was backing up and coming through the door. Not a lot of damage just a huge pain in the ass and cleanup. More cleanup will have to happen this weekend.

But first is the 10-mile race Saturday. I'm a little nervous. This is probably a relatively small race --hundreds of people, not thousands and my bib number is like 107. I know I'll finish but I don't want to be last. My goal is to finish with sub-11 minute mile pace and hopefully that will be good enough.

Full report to come next week.

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