Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon aftermath

I had a busy day of interviews yesterday and so when I had a free moment I decided to take Matilda for a quick walk, enjoy the decent weather and get some air. When I came back the world had changed once again.

What happened at the Boston Marathon is a shameful, cowardly act. The whole incident is baffling and depresses me to no end.

Luckily, the handful of people I knew running yesterday are all fine. Rory's cousin crossed the finish line about eight minutes before the explosion. I forgot that her other cousin and her husband were going out to watch as well, and luckily they are all fine. The folks I know from the Endurance Sports Connection on Facebook are also ok, but they were stopped on the course and didn't finish.

I wore a race shirt to honor those in Boston. 
This won't affect the runners, they're going to keep at it. The sad thing is this is going to affect those who come out and cheer on people running the races. I can't fault them either. I already told Rory that I don't think I want her waiting around for me at the finish line for the Chicago Marathon with what happened yesterday. I'm going to tell my parents and anyone else the same thing.

In the meantime you try to focus on the positive, the people who ran into the explosion to help those injured. The people who are doing what they can to support those impacted by what happened yesterday.

Try not to wallow in the negative, look at the positive and hope they catch those responsible for the atrocity.

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