Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4/23 run

6.1 miles: 1:06:24: 10:50 pace

FINALLY, t-shirt and shorts. I did have a run back in January where it was a weird 50-degree morning but I wouldn't think it would take until late-April till it happened again. I was also happy to beat the rain, it did drizzled a little but but nothing too bad.

I should have gotten out the door quicker this morning, I woke up 10-minutes before my alarm went off but rolled over and went back to sleep. Probably could have gotten another mile in but the timing along with an urgent call from mother nature made me cut this run a tad bit short -- mental note: no brats the night before a run.

It's also starting to get light out when I start. Last week I started noticing it but it was getting really light out this morning. I feel like that's giving me more energy.

And I was right, I am more sore today than I was after the 10-miler. Between the glute exercises and lunges from boot camp combined with the six mile run I am hurting a little bit today. And with the rain coming down pretty good and no break in site it's unlikely Matilda will be getting her daily mile walk.

Boot camp tomorrow, four miles of speed work Thursday, boot camp Friday and 11-12 miles on Saturday.

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