Thursday, August 1, 2013

July roundup

Seen while running in San Diego.
7/30: 6.6 miles: 1:14:25: 11:16
7/31: 4.1 miles: 45:19: 11:02

I've been traveling this week and while I've had time to run, I haven't had time to blog. I was in San Diego, a place I had only visited once before, and it was nice. The weather is kind of perfect, was in the 60s when I woke up and only got into the mid-70s. Though cloudy in the morning, not something I'm use to. I take my sunglasses with me at 6 am, did it on Tuesday and felt like an ass.

Running along the ocean was a nice change in scenery. Lot of runners out and about in San Diego too. Both runs were nice and uneventful. Though I've learned that I like knowing how far my route is before I head out. Not knowing where I'm turning around till I hit a mileage point can be annoying and I find myself looking down at my watch to often. Also, If I'm not familiar with a route I'm worried about running out of road,

Boot camp Friday and then 13 on Saturday, third time I'm doing the half marathon distance in a month. I'll be going it alone as well, the ERC folks I run with are out of town or sick.

As now, July totals:

93.1 miles: 17:36:54: 11:21 pace: 16,259 calories burned

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