Thursday, August 22, 2013

8/19 runs - Catching up yet again

8/20: 8.1 miles: 1:32:35: 11:20 pace
8/22: 5.1 miles: 58.30:11:33 pace

Uninspired runs this week. I've been solo this week because my running buddies have been either under the weather or on vacation. We're also getting some actual summer weather which means humidity and warmer temps which makes it a bit tougher.

I've also been on deadline so my brain has been elsewhere, the issue should be closing Friday so I'm hoping to be able to focus for this weekend's 16-mile run. I'll be joined for seven miles on this one by my running buddy from last week.

The plan it to bump up the Tuesday runs to 10-miles starting next week though the end of September. It'll be tough but I think I can handle it. Need to make speed work a priority, I did enjoy the session a week ago but it was two-person relay this week and I had no partner and was still dealing with work.

Random, after marathon thoughts, thinking about doing the Lincolnwood 10K on Nov. 24, the Evanston Turkey Trot on Nov. 28 and the Schaumburg half marathon on Nov. 30. If nobody in the family is doing the Evanston Turkey Trot I might switch and do the Highland Park Turkey Trot which has a 10K option.

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