Sunday, August 4, 2013

8/3 run: A reaffirming run

13.1 miles - 2:28:11:15 pace

After the Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago I was having some doubts. The race really took a lot out of me and I was questioning my ability to finish the marathon. A lot of people said that it was tough conditions and not to dwell but I couldn't shake the lingering doubt in the back of my mind.

In the weeks since I've had some good runs -- the sub-10 minute 4.1 miles race last Sunday -- and then my 13.1 miles training run Saturday where I cut more than 12 minutes off my half marathon time from that race. I credit the weather, it was probably around 60 when I went out and there wasn't any humidity.The real positive was that I felt like I could have kept going. My splits were also pretty decent with my last mile being the fastest.

I also feel pretty good the day after. I'm sore, my hips are tight, but my ankle, feet and knees feel good. I needed that run, it's surprising what a really good training run can do for your mental health.

But now a confession, I broke a runner's rule yesterday and ran shirtless. While I have lost a significant amount of weight I still don't have the kind of body where I should be running shirtless. I would be fine on the beach but not running. So, to anyone who saw me running along McCormick and was offended, I apologize.

The reason for bring shirtless? Chaffing. Nobody like to talk about it but bloody nipples are no joke and sadly, this wasn't the first time. Body Glide has been failing me around mile eight. I'm planning to try the special runner's band aids next.

It's a step back week training wise, will do five on Tuesday, hit speed work on Wednesday, four on Thursday and 10 next Saturday. Planning to hit boot camp Monday, Wednesday and Friday too. I'm also volunteering at the Road Runner Adventure Run this month.

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