Sunday, August 18, 2013

8/17 run - A mixed bag

15 miles: 2:55:58: 11:44 pace

There are all sorts of things I could say about this run but it boils down to, could have been worst, could have been better. My pace sucked, the last two miles were not great at all but it's over, the next day and I don't feel awful.

My runs earlier in the week -- with the exception of the shakeout run Thursday -- were good. The long run is about getting the mileage in, not about the pace. I have to to keep that in mind the next couple of weeks as the mileage continues to go up.

New route for this run, an around the Skokie Lagoons in Wilmette. We starts off the Willow Road exit off the Edens. I had never been before but my training partner today had been. If it wasn't for her I would have gotten lost on the trails. Main thing is no water on the route so either bring plenty or plan to loop back to you car, but there are porta potties.

There's a bunch of different loops and all in all it was pretty good, though it's kinda of hilly, I would say light hills. This is coming from someone who lives somewhere with no hills. Pretty decent amount of people out there, bikers too, which can be annoying.

And it happened, passed 500 miles for the year.

Boot comp Monday and Wednesday this week, eight miles on Tuesday, speed work Wednesday, short run Thursday and 16 on Saturday.

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