Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8/13 run - What month is it?

7.1 miles: 1:17:23: 10:50 pace

It could have easily been late September or October when I woke up this morning, with temps in the low 60s and a brisk breeze out of the north. I'm not complaining, I would run in that everyday of the week if possible, mid-50s are even better for running. I know I was bitching back in the spring about not getting warmer temps, but this summer had been perfect for running. I'm just hoping this doesn't mean a warm October, I don't want temps anywhere near the 70s for the marathon.

Good run this morning, though the legs are now a bit heavy form the run and combination of dead lifts/squats from Monday's boot camp session. I need to work some thing out with the foam roller.

I keep thinking about the 15-miles this weekendI'm trying not to be intimidated but I am a little bit. Next week the Tuesday runs go up to eight miles. Thursday will stay the same at about four miles, which I'm actually going to do this week as well.

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