Monday, August 26, 2013

Thoughts on fueling, random notes

Since I've been having issues after hitting about 13 miles a couple of runner friends seem to think I may not be fueling enough during these long runs. I typically take a Cliff Turbo Shot gel before any run longer than six miles and for any run 10 miles or more I will take some Cliff Shot Blocks.

This past week's 16-miler was the first time I went through a whole package of the shot blocks. Took three a mile five and the other three at miles 12. I was probably right on with where I took it at first but probably should have fueled earlier than mile 12.

Going to try every hour on the hour from now on, have to be more consistent. I'm also debating going with a 50/50 water Gatorade mix in the hydration belt. especially this week, it's supposed to get warm and muggy again which is making me not look forward to my 10-miler tomorrow.

Random notes:

  • I need to find some new anti-chaffing stuff. The Body Glide is fine for five or six miles but doesn't work for me much past that. Since I have psoriasis some parts of my body are more prone to chaffing than others. One the plus side I don't feel it until I'm in the shower, on the downside I look like a stabbing victim when I'm done with my run. 
  • On the too much information front: Nipple bandaids are happening. Part of this is psoriasis as well but unlike the other parts of my body these hurt when I'm running so precautions have to be taken. 
  • Bought a long-sleeved base layer. Have a feeling I'm going to need it at some point and am just hoping it doesn't make me look like 10 pound of crap in a five pound bag. That one may also fall into the TMI category. 

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  1. So with you on the feeling the chafe in the shower.