Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8/27 run -- Any heat/humidity jokes left?

10 miles: 1:58:14:11:48 pace

Summer has decided to return to the midwest this week as it was 80 degrees with 90% humidity when we started at 5:15 am making for a steamy and slow 10 miles. This summer has been perfect for running with low temps the vast majority of the season and I really shouldn't complain but I am still ready for some cooler weather. A nice long run in 50 degree weather sounds glorious to me right now.

Boot camp in the morning and mile repeats for speed work tomorrow. That should be interesting. Four miles shakeout run on Thursday and then 18-miles Saturday. I'm going back to Skokie Lagoons and the light hills with a couple of ERC folks.

Random: With the run this morning I passed 100 miles for the month, first time I've ever done that. If all goes as planned I'll be around 125 miles for the month.

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