Saturday, June 29, 2013

6/29 run - Adventures in Chaffing

11.45 miles: 2:09: 11:16 pace

I could not have asked for better weather this morning, low 60s, nice breeze, overcast. Not weather I want to BBQ in but perfect for running, especially for late June.

I felt really good for this run up until the last mile and a half and it's totally because I was in my head. I had mapped out a 11.5 mile route and thought I would be done sooner I kept looking down at the watch even though the glance three minutes earlier would have told me that I still had a little ways to go.

I also had negative splits outside of my first and last mile. My sixth through tenth mile were faster than the previous ones, which is a good thing. Overall, I felt pretty good, some foot pain, but nothing major.

But there was some chaffing. I won't go into the gory details but Body Glide and I need to get reacquainted. In the winter I had some issues with this pair of tights but hadn't had any other issues up until this run. I will just say ouch.

And that wraps up June, I just feel like I was doing a summary for May yesterday. The month flew by and I can happily say I didn't miss a single run this month and did all my speed work. Also, a record month -- which is going to be the norm for awhile -- with 90 miles.

June totals:

90 miles: 16:49:15: 11:13 pace: 15,723 calories burned

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