Thursday, June 6, 2013

6/5 - 6/6 runs

6/5: 3.1 miles: 35:11: 11:16 pace
6/6: 3.7 miles: 43:11: 11:40 pace

Ug, really not great.

I don't know if I pushed it too hard this week or what. It's also cottonwood season up here and it's bugged me in the past and wonder if that's it or the fact that it's been raining a bit during these last two runs. I've just had issues getting my wind during the last two runs and feel fatigued.

I've been getting enough sleep, though this morning I really didn't want to go when the alarm went off this morning and my diet has been normal. I do need to spend some more time with the foam roller, IT bands, hip flexors and hamstrings have been tight/sore.

I probably should have skipped the run on Wednesday, but it was National Runner's Day and felt the need to get out there for a little bit. The one difference with both of these runs is I went without my music. When I run in the afternoon I usually skip the headphones because there's more traffic and I want to be a bit more aware. This morning I just forgot and didn't feel like going back and grabbing it.

Hoping tomorrow is a non-leg day for boot camp and will pound out eight miles early Saturday.

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