Monday, July 1, 2013

Lowering expectations

Last week I was having some issues -- I called it runner's malaise -- because of the last few training runs and how slow I have been. People have said with the first marathon -- especially when pushing 40 -- the goal is to just finish.

That is, if course, my primary goal but I also wanted to try and break 4:30. My reason being that is Oprah can do 4:27 than I should be able too as well. I came to the realization this weekend that it's not going to happen.

I need to realize under five hours will be good for me and not try to be too hard on myself. If I readjust my expectations I won't psych myself out and get depressed when my training runs are slow. Five hours is a much more realistic goal for me and anything else is just gravy.

As for the half marathon coming up, I'm hoping for around 2:20, which I think is doable. This weekend will bear that out as I do my first 13.1 mile training run. Glorious running weather for early July, should be low 60s when I head out in the morning on Tuesday and Thursday but it may be a bit warmer Saturday.

Considering cutting back my Tuesday mileage slightly and seeing if I can do them at a faster pace. A friend was telling me about a group that meets along the lakefront in Evanston on Tuesday morning's, debating checking that out.

I did slightly tweak my ankle Saturday, it's been a little tender, but once I get moving it seems to loosen up. Wondering if I should rest it a bit?

Signed up for a 10K during my taper for the marathon. It looks like a fun one and I couldn't pass it up. Go South Side!

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