Tuesday, June 4, 2013

6/3 run

7.3 miles: 1:21:52: 11:16 pace

Felt great when I was out there this morning. Perfect weather, about 50 degrees, and just felt good. I added on a little more distance than I typically do on a Tuesday but didn't feel like passing the house again and doing another loop so I called it a day when I hit my street.

My complaint: I thought I was moving a little quicker. I felt really good, took very few walk breaks and felt like I was moving at a good clip. I was using my Nike+ watch to track my progress but I try not to look at it while I'm going, especially since this was just a normal seven miles, Tuesday run. I know what route to take that equals seven miles, I also didn't get stopped by any lights or the rain so I didn't pause the watch while I was stopped.

I need to figure out a balance with the watch. When I used the app on my iPhone I originally had it giving me updated every five minutes and then changed that to every mile. Sometimes it was nice to get the update but sometimes I would also get discouraged if it told me I was going slow.

When I'm running a new route and don't know the exact distance I pay a bit more attention, but that's typically not until later in the run. During the 10K last weekend I glanced a bit more at the pace and it did make me pick it up.

Slight change to the schedule this week, going to run three miles tomorrow afternoon since it's National Running Day and I'm a sucker for fake holidays. I'm still planning to do speed work on Thursday too and eight on Saturday.

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