Monday, June 17, 2013

The week ahead

Rocking the new ESC singlet on Saturday. 
The nine miles on Saturday felt pretty good, not awesome, but still all right. It was muggy, while I may be getting a bit more use to the heat the humidity was a little rough. I welcomed the drizzle that started coming down the last mile or so.

With Saturday's run I passed 50-miles for the month already. I finished 17th out of 82 participants in the abbreviated monthly running challenge on Fitocracy. It's unlikely that I'll hit 100 miles this month but it should still be a record one for me.

Have to switch things up a little this week, Rory and I are getting out of town for a long weekend. Tuesday will be speed work and Thursday will be the 10-mile long run. Boot camp on Wednesday as well. I'm bringing my gear and will try to get a short run in over the weekend -- three to five miles max -- but am planning to relax, drink some beer and get some sun.

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