Thursday, June 20, 2013

6/20 run

The shoes I will use for the Chicago Marathon.  
10.2 miles: 1:57:12: 11:26

Felt good this morning, started out strong and while I want to complain about the pace I'm not going to do it. Felt good from the get go, this is a little unusual for me, typically it takes me a mile or two before I really feel warmed up.

Had my first nature run in, red-winged blackbird thought I was getting close to its nest and started dive bombing me when I was running along the river between Main and Dempster off of McCormick. Scared the crap out of me and had me running for higher ground. I also smelled a lot of skunk in a couple of areas and that has me concerned for future runs.

Easing back the next few days, will try to get three or four easy miles in this weekend, but can use the rest with more than 66 miles logged this month. Already looking ahead to the next long run of 11+ miles, which is where I stumbled back in April. Also running my first training half marathon the first weekend in July.

Road Runner Sports had their VIP summer kickoff event Wednesday night. I wanted to check a couple of things out so I went. Is it a sign of a problem when the employees at the running store know your name? With the 20% off I decided to buy the shoes I will use for the marathon. I was tempted by the Brooks Glycerin 11s but opted for another pair of the Adidas Boost.

I plan to leave these in the box until after the Rock N' Roll half next month and then will start working them into the rotation. I was going to need another pair, I have just about 200 miles on my current Boost and use the New Balance for speed work but that wouldn't get me to October. The guys at Road Runner say I should get 400 miles out of my current pair but I've never been able to get more than 300 miles out of a pair of shoes. We shall see.

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