Monday, July 22, 2013

7/21 - Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon

13.1 miles: 2:40:08: 12:13 pace

First official half marathon race in the books and I wish I was happier. I was almost three minutes better in my training run a couple of weeks ago and I thought the heat and humidity for that run were worst than what I experienced Sunday.

It was muggy to start on Sunday, I was sweating before we even started running, probably low 70s air temp but thick. I was keeping up with the 2:30 pace group up until mile six and that's when I learned a valuable lesson, make sure my Cliff Shot Blocks are open before the race starts. I went to grab a couple before the aid station and couldn't open the package because I was so sweaty.

I otherwise can't pinpoint where things went wrong and maybe they really didn't, maybe it was a combination of the weather and my ability. I fueled appropriately before but was definitely feeling dehydrated during the race and like I couldn't get enough fluids at the rest stops. I was only able to get Gatorade at two of the aid stations but was also taking at least three cups of water and I still didn't think that was enough.

I have three months to get ready for the next big thing and I have some concerns. The marathon will be a race to just finish -- yes, I know I'm lowering expectations again. I also look forward to cooler temps.

On the positive side, I met a number of folks from the Endurance Sports Connection -- the Facebook group that offers awesome encouragement for all types of endurance athletes.

I also ran into some of the Evanston Running Club (ERC) folks I've been going out with and they had positive words too. It's great groups like this that help me get through these tough runs.

When I got home after I ate my face off and then slept. I then ate some more and ended up going to bed at 7 pm waking up at 6 am. Nothing like 11-hours of sleep to make you feel human again. Though I may have an ear infection, my left ear has been clogged since Saturday and I probably should make a doctor's appointment.

Otherwise, I feel pretty good, the ankle is a little tender but not bad. Will probably try to get out for a couple miles Tuesday, hit the speed workout session with the ERC Wednesday night and get some miles in Thursday. Saturday I plan for eight with four following on Sunday with Run for Walker. Boot camp Wednesday and Friday too. Less than three months to the marathon.


  1. The comment about opening the clif bars ahead of time is practical and makes sense. We run, we sweat, we have problems opening things.

  2. Yep, lesson learned on that one, I probably looked like a maniac trying to get them open and find a dry spot on my shirt or shorts to dry my hands.