Tuesday, July 2, 2013

7/2 run

6.7 miles: 1:15:10: 11:10 pace

So much for cutting back mileage, did a whole third of a miles less than what I normally do on a Tuesday. Decided to mix things up this morning and ran with some folks from the Evanston Running Club.

A friend who was in my boot camp sometimes runs with this group and she mentioned it. I decided to check it out and mix things up. I think the run was supposed to be closer to six miles than seven but it still felt good. Change of scenery and running with someone else can be a nice was to change things up.

There were five of us that started off but then it was me and another guy, who will be running his third marathon this fall. It was nice to mix things up and I felt good after the run, I don't know if I'll make it every week but it's a good option to have out there.

Boot camp tomorrow and then speed work before I celebrate the 4th. Big 13.1 on Saturday and then dialing it back a bit.

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