Friday, July 26, 2013

7/25 run - Speed work that doesn't suck

5.3 miles: 59:06: 11:07 pace

Speed work with my running buddy Thursday. The Evanston Running Club does track speed workouts on Wednesday nights and my original plan was to go but I bailed. No excuse other than I didn't feel like it, Rory was coming home from work and I wanted to hang out with her. This is why I like to work out in the morning, less excuses for me to bail. If I don't get up when the alarm goes off I'm just lazy.

So instead I did speed work with my running buddy Terri. We did a one mile warmup and then six 800 meter sprints which were faster than my 5K speed. For the first three we were around a 9:30 mile pace and for the the last three around 9:50 pace. One minute, 30 second breaks in between intervals.

My loathing of speed work is well documented but this wasn't all that bad. I need to go to the track workouts because they have people walking you through different workouts every week which may make it a little better.

Eight miles with the ERC folks tomorrow morning and then the 4.1 mile Run for Walk at Northwestern on Sunday to get my 12 miles in for the weekend. I'm traveling next week but am bringing running gear and looking forward to a change in scenery.

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