Thursday, May 30, 2013

5/30 run

4 miles: 44:40: 11:05 pace

Speed work this morning and I felt fine. IT bands are a little tight and need to spend some quality time with the foam roller so they don't become a bigger issue. On the bright side, I may be totally over my cold, no more sneezing or hacking. But now I have a weird allergy thing happening that's slightly swelling my left eyelid.

Need to get use to the hotter weather, almost 70 when I headed out at 5:30 am, not use to the heat but it was still an all right run.

Looked at the course map for the race Saturday and it's a 5K loop around Humboldt Park. Haven't done one like that before, should be interesting. If all goes well I'm hoping to be around 1:05. That will make me very happy and be a good way to kick off the marathon training.

And as I predicted, May was a quieter month for me running between the Tough Mudder and being sick.

May totals: 

50.2 miles: total time 9:15:25: 11:04 pace: 8,674 calories burned

The above doesn't include the Tough Mudder. June will be more, probably close to 80 miles, and only going up from there.

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