Friday, May 10, 2013

Rest Day

Got up, geared up and headed up the door Thursday morning and within a block stopped and turned around. The foot/ankle thing was bugging me and I decided to go home, ice and rest. I also skipped the Road Runner Adventure Run because of rain.

I'm trying to not beat myself up about it but I felt like a slug. Did boot camp this morning and the foot was tender at first but loosened up. I know I should take a week off to rest this but I don't want to. I know that's not rational but I feel that if I stop I won't start again.

Tomorrow I'll run the four miles to and from boot camp and do the class. Hopefully that'll make me feel a little better.

In eight days will be doing the Tough Mudder, have an 11:40 am start time. I'm trying not to obsess about the weather this far out but looking like 60s and rainy. It's also supposed to be a wet week leading up to it so should make it pretty muddy.

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