Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5/7 run

7 miles: 1:15:45: 10:42 pace

Awesome run this morning, just felt really good getting out there and was moving easy. The only sad thing was the chicken fajitas from the previous night starting to bug me at mile six I would have gone another miles but nature's call wasn't taking a message. No more Mexican food the night before a run.

Just felt good to be out there, minimal breaks, little to no pain, really just an excellent run. These are the ones to remember after a bad outing.

But I think whatever is going on with my foot is a muscle/tendon problem. It'll be sore when I first wake up but as I move throughout the day it loosens up. Also, it will hurt when I first start my run but as I warm up it just about entirely goes away. I also need to be better about treating it. I froze a water bottle and have been rolling the area on it and it does help. I just need to do it more.

Boot camp tomorrow, speed work and Road Runner Adventure run Thursday -- weather permitting, thunder storms in the forecast. Friday will also be boot camp and Saturday will be another run to and fro with boot camp in the middle.

Eleven days till the Tough Mudder, getting excited.

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