Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catching up

My lovely wife and I after the
Road Runner fun run. 
5/25: 3.2 miles: 36:56: 11:34 pace
5/27: 4.1 miles: 46:29: 11:18 pace
5/28: 6.1 miles: 1:08:18: 11:16 pace

Still not feeling 100% after the Tough Mudder. This cold is lingering, heaviness in my chest and still blowing my nose after eight days. I just want to feel better.

I didn't mind it for the Saturday run, just felt good to get out there and stretch the legs. It was a fun run with Road Runner Sports in Wilmette. There were five of us and I ended up getting a pretty decent pace for the second half, running a sub-10 minute mile pace with the group leader. It felt good.

Monday's run was not nearly as good. Was struggling with the congestion. Probably should have called it sooner but wanted to get four miles in. This morning's run started out great but declined, once again was coughing and hacking. I really want this to subside.

Starting to warm up here in the Chicago area. On Monday I headed out around 11 am and it was cool, in the 50s. This morning it was mid-60s at 5 am when I headed out. It's going to be doing nothing but warming up from here on out.

Otherwise, back to boot camp in the morning, some speed work on Thursday and boot camp again on Friday. Saturday morning I'm doing the Humboldt Park Dream Run 10K. Hoping for a personal best but will really need this congestion to go away or I'm going to struggle.

Also, this is the start of my marathon training. Running three days a week from here on out until October. I'm loosely following Hal Higdon's Novice programs for my training. I say loosely because his programs are running four days a week and I have the half marathon in July that doesn't exactly fit into the plan.

June shouldn't be bad, July gets a little hairy but it's August and September where the tough miles come in and I know it'll be hot. I plan to try and get out the door by 5 am for those long runs in order to beat the heat.

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