Monday, October 28, 2013

Getting back into it

11/24 am: 3 miles: 34 minutes: 11:14 pace
11/24 pm: 2 miles: 27:09: 13:30 pace
11/26: 9.1 miles: 1:49:17: 12:01 pace

Work has been busy and keeping my from blogging. I'm starting to try and ramp things up again. The Thursday morning run was pretty easy, though we had a brief spell of winter weather last week and the runs were cool.

Thursday evening was week two of the beginning runner's program. I has three runners this time and they seemed to do pretty well.

Saturday's nine miler was up at Skokie Lagoons with a couple of fellow ERC members. I was a bit sore after but was fine the next day.

Skipped boot camp Monday morning, feeling worn out, but am planning six miles tomorrow, probably three on Thursday and then going to do the four mile run to and from boot camp Saturday. I'll also do boot camp Wednesday and Friday.

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