Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Catching up

My third pair, these are pretty bright.
10/19: 3.6 miles: 42:23:11:33
10/22: 5.1 miles: 57:23: 11:15 pace

Feels good getting back out there and getting some miles in. I'm trying to take it easy and avoid the temptation for a long run but that may change on Saturday, might head up to Skokie Lagoons and get at least eight in, maybe more.

I am a man without a training plan right now. The next big race is the Schaumburg Half Marathon on Nov. 30. Between now and then I should get a 10 and maybe even a 12 miler in. I'm thinking this week might be the 10-miler and try to get the other one in Nov. 9 or Nov. 16.

I should start breaking in my new pair of shoes. Yes, I bought my third pair of Adidas Boost earlier this month at Road Runner. They were on sale for $40 off and I couldn't pass them up. I' at 265 miles on my current pair and will most likely need the new pair before the end of November.

The other thing I'm doing the next few weeks is volunteering as a group leader for a beginner's running program in downtown Evanston. That was my first run after marathon. I was doing run two minutes, walk one minute for 20 minutes with the group. I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with this group, do the 5K group or something else.

I'm enjoying it, I'm glad I can help other people find some fun in running.

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