Monday, September 23, 2013

9/22 - 20-miler

20 miles: 4:01:52: 12:03 pace

As I think about my 20-miler the same phrase keeps running through my head: could have been worse, could have been better.

My ankle was bugging me on this one from the start but around mile 10 it really started barking. I'm on a strict icing regiment all week and will also probably be taking it easy from running. It's better when I'm on it but is definitely sore. I have three weeks to rest it up and let it heal, I might do some biking to mix it up and get some other cardio.

After the marathon I'll have some work to do to fix the instability in my ankles. I already know what I have to do, now it's just a matter of getting stronger.

On the positive note, with everything bugging me I was only 10-seconds off the pace I had for the majority of my long runs.

Most likely taking Tuesday off, maybe I'll try to get a bike ride in. Wednesday I'll hit boot camp and then maybe try a short run Thursday to see how I feel. Have a 10K Saturday I was looking forward to but might have to take it easy on that one and was planning to do another six on Sunday because my training plan calls for 12 this weekend.

And for anyone running a marathon, I cannot recommend the CARA Ready to Run enough. It's not the expensive and you get to do a 20-miler with aid station and a party after. The route from Montrose Harbor south along Lake Shore Drive is also pretty scenic.

Here's my GPS route from the run, I was interested to see the mile signs so close together.

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