Thursday, September 12, 2013

9/12 run - Still a little tender

6.1 miles: 1:08:08: 11:13 pace

Passed 600 miles for 2013 with this run, just about twice what I ran all of 2012. Will be curious to see where I end up at the end of the year after the marathon.

Took a couple of days off to rest the ankle. It was feeling all right yesterday and this morning but was bugging me a bit during the run. The discomfort isn't bad -- one or two on a 10 scale -- will be icing and bracing again. I'm thinking about running with the brace too, though I'm afraid that could be a disaster.

Will take it easy as much as possible but don't know if there's a whole lot I can do. I'm still going to do my 16 this weekend and 20 the next and get some runs in between. I start the taper after that and can do my best to heal up but I have a feeling I'm just going to have to deal with this and hope it gets better.

If anyone has other advice I would be up for hearing about it.

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