Tuesday, September 17, 2013

9/17 run - Build week

10 miles: 1:51:25: 11:08 pace

Quickest 10-miler yet this morning, knocking a couple of minutes off the one from a couple of weeks ago. Fall has arrived for the moments, lower 50s when we started and pitch black out, that's one thing I don't miss about early morning runs.

I alluded to it in the previous post but this is a big build week with 40 miles. I can't do speed work tomorrow -- dinner plans and feel that it would be too hard in the ankle -- but will probably do seven on Thursday and an easy three on Friday.

Ankle did all right on this run, we stopped for water at one point and it tightened up a bit but wasn't too bad. Will continue to ice, which seems to help.

Very happy with the splits from this 10-miler, almost negative for the entire run, don't know what happened at mile seven though.

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