Monday, September 16, 2013

9/14 run - Not awful

Looking a little crazed after 16 miles.
They all can't be glamor shots. 
16 miles: 3:10:12: 11:53 pace

I did this run just a few seconds slower than my previous 16-mile run and this run was hillier and I didn't have a tender ankle. That said, I was pretty happy this this run.

I went for an injury assessment on Friday for my ankle because it still wasn't feeling great. The physical therapist said I have some instability due to spraining my ankles when I was younger. He's a runner and knows that I can't really quit so he suggested bracing it during my runs and then icing and ibuprofen.

The ankle was only really bugging my when I was going downhill. I did this run again at Skokie Lagoons. I was the first one parked and ran the first 4+ mile loop with the headlamp. It was also in the low 50s and felt great to be out there. The brace helped and I ordered another one that some fellow runners recommended.

I went solo on this run. The Evanston Running Club folks that I had been doing these longs runs with were doing and out and back route and I wasn't sure if I would be up for it. I didn't want to be eight miles from my car, have to call it quits and then figure out how to get back. Even though I did the same loop three times it wasn't boring.

I kept a pretty strict icing regiment on Saturday that helped quite a bit and then again Sunday. I otherwise felt pretty good, no real soreness. I'm going to keep that this all week to get as close as I can to 100% by the weekend without skipping any workouts.

I did boot camp this morning, will do 10 Tuesday morning, boot camp on Wednesday and then five or six on Thursday. Will rest on Friday and Saturday before the Ready to Run 20-miler on Sunday.

And then it's taper time, will I go crazy? Most likely. Less than a month to go and I am once again experiencing that mixture of excitement and dread.

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