Thursday, November 21, 2013

Worn out

I need a break, not necessarily just from running but from the daily grind. Work --- don't get me wrong I love my job -- has been hectic. Finishing the fall and winter issue almost back to back and then having to get another supplement done on the heels of that has been stressful. Combine all that with the marathon squeezed in, a conference that we programmed and the wife getting laid off and I'm a little burned out.

Next week is Thanksgiving so I'll get a couple of days off and am thinking about taking some additional time off in the next couple of weeks. I just need a break.

I didn't get the full 13 in last weekend, did 12 though and it was all right, I miscalculated the distance and didn't feel like passing my car and coming back. I was also running out of time since some of the people I was meeting were running late. I wanted it to go better but I'm not hurt. I didn't run Tuesday because I had a stomach thing that kept me up a fair amount of the night. My five mile run this morning less than stellar but hopefully having a bad run before a race is a good thing.

I did boot camp Monday and Wednesday and am planing to go Friday. Saturday will be a rest day and then Sunday will be part one of the Turkey Trifecta, the Lincolnwood 10K. Looking like all parts of the Trifecta will be chilly, Sunday may be in the 20s.

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