Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm troubled

Signed up for two half marathons in January. In Chicago. Yeah, I'm a little crazy. Polar Dash 14-miler and the F3 Half Marathon here I come.

I'll admit that I like running in the cold more than the heat and that if it's in the teens during these races there's a certain amount of bragging rights. "Oh, you ran a half marathon on May, cool. I ran one in below zero wind chills!"

Yeah, I'm sick and troubled.

Runs this week have been fine. Planning 13 tomorrow, which should be interesting since we did a lot of lunges and squats in boot camp this morning. I need to recommit to boot camp and eating clean. I would like to drop another 20-pounds and while I love running but it's the weight training that really makes that happen. Through all the mileage I put in during marathon training my weight pretty much stayed the same. That's mostly because I was hungry all the time.

I also need to break in the new pair of Boost, hit 300-miles on the red pair this week so I know there's only so many more miles left in them before I start getting some aches and pains.

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