Friday, November 15, 2013

Chasing 900

It's been a rough week. Last Friday the wife was laid off from her job of seven-years. I bailed on my long run because I didn't want to leave her alone. Still got six in later that morning but my head wasn't in it.

Of course it was the day before where I signed up for two half marathons trying to save a few bucks, I want to do the races but am annoyed with the timing. But I am doing the Polar Dash 14 miler -- for 2014 -- and the F3 Half Marathon, both in January.

This week I've gotten some workouts in, hit boot camp three days, ran 3.5 on Tuesday, another 3.5 on Thursday morning and then a quick five Thursday night. I should have gotten a couple extra in both mornings but it was really cold -- wind chills in the teens -- and I couldn't do it. The Thursday night run was the beginner's running group, since nobody else wanted to run five with the 10K group I did and these guys were quick. They all beat me back and I averaged a 10:40 pace.

Tomorrow is 13 with the group, where I'll pass 800 miles for 2013. Along with the upcoming Turkey Trifecta I am not going to try and pass 900 miles for 2013, which will tripe my mileage from 2012. I'll have to average about 20 miles till the end of the year, it may be a little tough but I think I can do it.

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