Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The one thing ...

Outside of below zero wind chills and icy roads and sidewalks I have been running outside all winter. I'll wake up, look on to the street, take a look at the Weather Bug app and then layer up and go. It's surprising how warm you can feel with some tights, shorts, a couple of tech shirts, a shell, hat and gloves.

The one thing that kills me though, that I just can't stand, is high winds.

I should have gotten up this morning and hit the road but weather report last night of temps in the teens and 20-30 mile per hour winds meant I was sleeping an extra hour. My plan is to try and get at least four miles in at some point later today.

But even now as I sit at my desk I can hear the wind whipping outside and it make me shiver. I found runs in the teens enjoyable this winter, but there was also little to no wind.

That said I'm done with the weather we've been having in Chicago. December and January were mild for the most part but late January and all of February sucked. March is following that trend, normal temps are in the mid-40s but we've been lucky to get into the mid-30s lately. That combined with the rain and the wind has made it tough to get mileage outside.

I'm not asking for much, just give me some dry 40s, that's all I want.

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