Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3/26 run

6.23 miles 1:10:29 11:17 pace

This run was a mixed bag. My legs are pretty sore from boot camp yesterday, power jacks -- holding two 10-pound dumb bells start in a sumo squat and then do jumping jacks with the sumo squat in between -- and lot's of lunges and other squats. My quads were hurting a bit but I felt good when I was out there. Could have kept going if I had more time but also didn't want to push too much and I had to get ready for work.

But I'm not happy with my pace at all, thought I was moving a little quicker. Since I switched the the Nike+ watch I don't get the updates every mile or five minutes anymore. I also try not to look at it too often because if I try to go faster and then I don't I'll be discouraged.

Going to try and do some speed work Thursday morning and then the group run Thursday night. If all goes well I should come close to 25 miles this week.

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