Friday, March 15, 2013

Road Runner Sports Adventure Run

Road Runner Sports opened up a store in Wilmette last summer. Rory and I both needed running shoes so we went and checked it out. We both ended up going through the Shoe Dog experience and getting fitted for the customer insoles and signed up for the VIP program. I have since become totally hooked on this store. The people that work there are great. They're helpful, friendly and don't push hard for the big sale.

This month they started their Adventure Run series at the store. I've never really run in a group before and had heard that I should try. Also, they were giving stuff away and like most people, I'm a sucker for free stuff.

You show up, sign in and then at 6 pm they unveil the map, which is also emailed to you. Since I had already put my phone in my car this threw me off a little. You then have half a dozen spots on a map that you're supposed to hit and get raffle tickets. Now that I know how it works I'll be better prepared for next time. I also expect as the weather improves and word gets out there will be more people and less chances of winning but it should still be a good time.

After getting my phone and figuring out the map I hit the first few spots quick and then ran to the next one, which was a little less than two miles away. They wanted everyone back at the store by 7 pm for the raffle, I ended up getting there a couple of minute after, expecting to be one of the last ones but was actually first. There were only half a dozen or so people who participated, two people went to the checkpoint the farthest out, but nobody else made it to the one I went to.

As for the raffle I scored myself some new shoes. New Balance is a sponsor for the runs and had some available before we took off. I tried these on before the run and they felt good. This is my first pair of New Balance and I'll work them into the rotation.

I hit the 100 mile mark for the year yesterday, ran 3.6 miles in the morning and 4 during the Road Runner event. Have the 8K St. Patrick's Day run tomorrow and am looking forward to it.

Note: Neither Road Runner or New Balance is reimbursing me in any way shape or form for the post. As I run into good and bad thing during my running experience I will write about them like I see them. 

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