Monday, March 18, 2013

First 8K

This will be making another appearance at the Shamrock Shuffle.
It wasn't pretty in Lincoln Park Saturday. Low-30 temperatures and howling winds and sleet hitting you in the face the last half. These were the worst weather conditions I have experienced and I've run outside in the teens.

I tend to be warm when working out so I was wearing compression shorts, running shorts, compression socks (pictured) two tech fabric t-shirts, a mid-layer, gloves and hat,

During the race I was fine, it sucked to be out there but I wasn't freezing. It was a nice route along Lake Michigan, though the path at times was pretty muddy and some good sized puddles.

The main problem is I don't know my time. When I went on the site Saturday evening it had me at 47:44, which would have been fantastic but I don't think I was going that fast. That's a sub-10 minute mile for the entire time and I know I did the first mile in right around 10 minutes. When I just went back to check my time I couldn't find my results no matter how I searched.

The main problem is that I forgot my GPS watch and I did use my phone, started the Nike+ app a few minutes before start time and put it in my SPIbelt, didn't want to be fussing with it after the horn blew. I would say I was probably around 52 minutes for the race. I'm aggravated that I can't find the results and I'm afraid I didn't put the RFID strip on my shoe correctly, though why would I be able to find results Saturday and not today?

Otherwise, going to be an interesting week for running. I won't be able to get a long run in this weekend so originally planned to do 9 miles tomorrow morning. The inch of snow we may be getting today might be throwing a wrench in that plan though depending on when it shows up and if it melts right away. Tomorrow's run, or lack of a run, will dictated what I end up doing the rest of the week.

Lastly, I'm ready for Spring. I don't need 70s, but how about mid-40s? This 20-30s stuff has to end, though I might feel differently when doing some long runs in August.

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