Wednesday, March 13, 2013

100 miles

Before the end of the week I will pass 100 miles for 2013. While I have been running outside most of the year, late January and most of February was pretty awful weather-wise in the Chicago area. Throw a cold in there and it kills the mileage.

In 2012 I logged 307 miles on my Nike+ app and stand at 399 right now. I skipped my run yesterday morning. Woke up to the wind howling and snow blowing. That along with my feet still bugging me from the log run Sunday was enough for me to bail.

Tomorrow will be a double, around four miles first thing in the morning and then in the evening I'm doing a fun run at Road Runner Sports in Wilmette. They're planning a six-mile route to be done in about an hour, I plan to do at least five but with an 8K coming up on Saturday I don't want to push it too hard.

I have two 8Ks -- just less than 5 miles -- coming up in the next couple of weeks, and I want to push myself with the one this weekend. In April I have the Shamrock Shuffle, which I hear it's a fun race but it's also 15,000 people (Edit: check that, it's 40,000 people, egad) and a packed course so my expectation for a personal best aren't high. I understand the Shamrock Shuffle also starts with the same route as the marathon so I'm interested to see how that will feel.

I never set a goal for myself at the start of the year as to how many miles I want to run in 2013. 400 hundred miles should be doable, if not more, especially with the marathon training.


  1. Good luck on your journey, Zack!

  2. Thanks Joe, will be a challenge but I'm looking forward to it.